Grip-Lok device for general line securement

Grip-Lok General Line Securement Device - pack of 10

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Grip-Lok 3300M-10PK offers strong fixation for tubes and lines, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your line or tube is safe and secure.

The 3300M-10PK General Line Grip-Lok is smaller and more discrete than the Large Universal Grip-Lok device, but still strong enough to lock tubes and lines securely in place. With it's great adhesive power and clever, flat design, you can be confident your line or tube is secure.  

If you can stick on a plaster, you can use Grip-Lok!  The fabric device is low profile with no hard plastic or sharp pins, and can easily be placed, even with gloved hands.

Sold in packs of 10, the devices are hypoallergenic, breathable and have latex-free skin contact adhesive.


  • Soft, flexible design of the Grip-Lok ensures comfort for the user
  • Provides superior securement, avoiding accidental line pulls
  • Easy to apply, and simple to open, inspect and adjust
  • Sterile packed in cartons of 10
  • Available on FP10 prescription

How to Apply

Ensure the skin is clean and dry (and some hair removal may be necessary to aid adhesion).

Open the top flap of the Grip-Lok and remove the paper liner.  Carefully slide the Grip-Lok under the tube or line.

Firmly secure the line or tube by closing the top flap and pinching around and along the length of the tube.

Hold down the tabbed side of the Grip-Lok device by pressing onto the skin while pulling the lower release paper from the other side and stick that half to the skin.

While gentle pressing on the side of the Grip-Lok which is now adhered to the skin, remove the remaining paper liner and secure that side to the skin.

To open for inspection/adjustment:  Lift the velcro lid, make any necessary adjustments and fold the lid back down.

To remove: Lift the Velcro lid, gently lift the line or tube and carefully peel off the Grip-Lok as if you were removing a plaster.