March 2023

Customer Services

I had a problem with a Blood Pressure monitor, the assistance rendered was way above and beyond.  I cannot rate the customer service that I received highly enough.  The in-depth assistance, speed and attention to detail was nothing short of spectacular.  This shows how highly that they rate every customer (with orders large or small).  

I highly recommend this company.

With thanks,

S Bowen, Rayleigh, Essex

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November 2022

NuroKor MiTouch - David's remarkable story!

“I am 36 years old and I work for the Ministry of Defence. Six years ago, I injured my lower back whilst in the gym on a leg press machine. At the time I just had some minor pain and stiffness. Over the course of a year it got worse with more pain which turned into crippling sciatica. After lots of physio and seeing a chiropractor I finally got an MRI scan and discovered my L5/S1 was prolapsed quite badly. I was offered a Lumbar Microdisectomy and had to wait about 3 or 4 months for the surgery - in that time the pain got so bad I had to walk on crutches and couldn’t sleep without taking lots of prescription Amitriptyline.

After the surgery my back was totally pain-free for about six months but then the sciatica started to creep back. I had another MRI and it showed the disc had prolapsed again but not quite as bad, and the doctor suggested a cortisol injection. I had the injection and again the pain went away for another couple of months. The sciatica came back again and I was concerned that it would keep getting worse until I was on crutches again; it was affecting everyday life as I couldn’t train properly at the gym, was affecting my sleep, even getting up out of bed in the morning was a struggle.

By chance I happened upon the MiTouch, I was going to trial it for a week but was so impressed with the results I wanted to buy it after just three days, as my sciatic pain was almost totally gone whilst using it. I used it for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening every day on a mixture of different patterns and settings for about a year or so.

I have now been using it for about 4 years and only need to use it maybe once or twice a week if I’m sore; my sciatica is completely gone now so I feel no pain. I have noticed a significant difference in my back strength and stiffness, I am now able to do deadlifts and squats at the gym which I couldn’t do before. I have even started doing the leg press machine again which I was scared to do due to it being the very exercise that started this whole thing off.  I am actually able to do more weight than what caused the initial injury.  Even little things like sitting in a chair for long periods of time no longer causes me pain, I can now sit for as long as I want. I’m able to wake up and just get straight out of bed like nothing ever happened.

I find using the machine easy as it’s not overly complicated, it’s comfortable to wear using the back strap or just the normal pads, you can wear it just sitting on the sofa watching TV, laid in bed resting or at a desk at work.

I highly recommend this device for anyone who has sciatica or lower back pain, it has done wonders for me!”

DM, Hampshire

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17 August 2022

Another success story for NuroKor Mitouch

"I had the opportunity to use MiTouch for a week for an existing back injury. In the months previous, I was experiencing daily back pain, including two sleepless nights per week, following a car accident 12 years ago; other treatments have made very little difference. Hearing about MiTouch and the benefits it can provide, I was keen to try this as another therapy,  although I was a little sceptical as I had previously tried a Tens machine with little success.

However, after just three days of using MiTouch, I noticed a difference. I was no longer requiring Codeine at night time which was amazing. By the end of the week, I wasn't taking any painkillers at all. I really didn't want to hand back the device! And a month later, I am still feeling the improvement. I haven't had a flare up during this time, or any sleepless nights. MiTouch is an excellent solution for chronic pain which, for me, has removed the requirement of painkillers and has allowed me to resume more normal activities and get a good night's sleep."

Mrs H, Hampshire

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23 May 2022

NuroKor Mitouch

"My wife and I have recently started using MiTouch to treat severe muscle spasm pain in the lower back and pain and restricted movement in the neck and shoulder area. 

In both cases 30 minutes treatment over two consecutive days had resulted in the disappearance of the pain and increased mobility of the joints."

Mr S, Hampshire

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February 2022

NuroKor mibody

"I have been suffering debilitating menstrual pain since giving birth that medication doesn't relieve.  It didn't only impact my everyday life but it also took a toll on my mental health; that was until I came across the mibody device.

I was sceptical at first with so many questions, but willing to try anything and, wow, I'm so glad that I did!  Now as soon as I feel myself cramping up I apply the device to my lower abdomen and within 5 minutes the agonising pain has completely gone and I feel like a different person!

My friend has even been using it on his shoulder when it feels tight and he can't believe the difference it makes either.

This has honestly been a miracle worker for me and completely changed my life.  Thank you."

Miss P, Portsmouth

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18 November 2021

A huge thank you to the National Trust at Fyne Court for giving us a mention in their recent post.  It was a pleasure to be of assistance.

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Older Testimonials


NuroKor Mitouch

“Superb piece of kit and yet so small and easy to use. It has helped the pain in my husband’s knees. I have used it on my hands. Could not believe how the swelling went down and the pain has greatly improved.”

Mrs W, Andover

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NuroKor Mitouch

“As a Personal Trainer by trade I know first-hand how essential it is to maximise recovery between strenuous training sessions and sporting activity. At first I was sceptical about trialling another sports-related product, however, after using the MiTouch product for just 6 weeks I was amazed at the effectiveness of the product in regards to recovery.

After each training session I would utilise the MiTouch recovery setting, alongside a myofascial release session (releasing any tight muscle fibres). The sessions would take a maximum of 10 minutes, however this routine would allow me to maximise my recovery and total training volume. Typically after a tough lower body training session (lasting 60 minutes) it would take me a full 72 hours to feel fully recovered, however after using this product I found it only took me 48 hours! Due to the increased recovery rate I was able to increase my weekly training volume and add another training session to my plan, without feeling exhausted.

Not only did I personally trial this product but I also let clients and a local physiotherapy unit trial the product and they too were impressed with the effectiveness towards promoting muscle recovery. I would highly recommend this product to anybody looking for that edge when it comes to maximising recovery and the effectiveness of their training.”

Mr C, Devizes

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NuroKor Mitouch

“We have been using the Nurokor MiTouch with a number of our elite athletes for several months now. We have had fantastic results in terms of recovery, following high intensity training sessions with a noticeable reduction in muscle soreness. The reduced recovery time allows our athletes to consistently perform at their best.

We have also seen noticeable gains in strength and power using the Perform setting and one of our junior athletes has also been using the MiTouch on a daily basis to aid her recovery and build muscle, following an ACL reconstruction.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to any athlete looking to gain an edge, improve performance and reduce recovery time.”

Mr B, Stockport - Head Coach, Taekwondo Club

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NuroKor Mitouch

“I underwent a left knee replacement 18 months ago and made a good recovery. Approximately 12 months after surgery, my left knee began to ‘lock’ when sat down and the ‘unlocking’ was quite painful.

I discussed this problem with my surgeon who indicated the problem was as a result of muscle weakness around the knee. He advised me to exercise my quadriceps and hamstrings.

Having recently received a MiTouch bioelectric stimulator I applied it to these muscle groups. I found it comfortable to use and it was easy to visualise the selected muscle groups working. The increase in muscle bulk was apparent after about a week and the issue of locking diminished over the next few weeks.

I was delighted with MiTouch and found it more effective, comfortable and versatile when compared with conventional physiotherapy. I particularly liked the fact that I was able to use the product for prolonged periods, whilst getting on with other activities. Furthermore, swapping between the various modes, particularly stimulation, massage and micro-current, I feel speeded up the positive result I achieved.

I have also used the pain modes, followed by micro-current stimulation on my lumbar spine with success too.”

Mr AB, Stockport