Eco Life Pads for NuroKor MiTouch, Large (1 pair)

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Eco Life series large pads are supplied with all Life Series Body System therapy devices that require large size pads (ie MiTouch device).  Replacement pads are available in pairs, each long-life electrode pad having a tab for easy removal, and a plastic film to protect the gel pad. 

For best care we recommend rubbing a little water on the pads before replacing the plastic film when not in use.  This can help to reactivate the gel and extend the life of the pads.

Features and dimensions of Large Eco Life Pads

  • Medium size 50 x 100mm
  • Long-lasting, reusable conductive gel pads
  • Approved replacement product (with lift tab)
  • Correct conductivity for larger areas
  • Suitable for use with NuroKor’s clinically proven technologies (MCS, PNS and NMS)
  • Preferred size for stronger stimulation