NeedleBay - Insulin Needle Safety, Storage & Medication Management - VAT RELIEF

NeedleBay - Insulin Needle Safety, Storage & Medication Management - VAT RELIEF

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Introducing the new, revolutionary all-in-one NeedleBay pen needle system for people living with Type 1 diabetes - more than just for storage, NeedleBay offers safety, containment and at-a-glance proof of use.

NeedleBay offers a unique, effective way of helping you to manage your diabetes medication while at the same time ensuring safe storage of pen needles in a handy, portable, attractive container.

The pod has been specifically designed in close consultation with healthcare professionals and those with diabetes to provide an innovative solution to a number of significant issues faced by people living with diabetes every day. 

Insulin needle storage in one compact device Safely store insulin needles for the day ahead
NeedleBay daily module holds 4 insulin pen needles Ready to use with your insulin pen in one secure holder
Unique universal ClickLok system incorporated into the device Easily load and secure new and used needles until required or for disposal
Promote independent living by safely storing new needles until required Prepare the NeedleBay in advance for easy, safe self-administration of insulin
Safer medication practice by not having to handle needles once opened Safer sharps management, less needle stick injuries
Translucent compartment lids which click shut over the needles Gives medication reminder and proof-of-use at a glance
Lightweight and compact, palm-sized product Can easily pop into a pocket, handbag or case – ready for use anytime, anywhere

CONFIDENCE - Greater Control of Diabetes Medication

Organisation and control couldn't be easier with NeedleBay.  It offers the facility to store up to 4 insulin needles for the coming day, giving you peace of mind that you're organised and in control.

It can be fairly easy to accidentally take too many, or miss, insulin injections.  NeedleBay is designed to enable the user to see the actual number of injections which have been made.  The NeedleBay system cannot prevent over-dialling units, but by securing new needles for the coming day in the daily module, it is then easy to distinguish between used and unused needles simply by looking through the translucent lid and observing whether or not the foil cap is removed.

CONTAINMENT - Safe Storage of New and Used Needles

Unfortunately, needlestick injuries or finger prick accidents happen too frequently amongst both healthcare professionals and those with diabetes taking insulin.  NeedleBay's unique needle handling system ensures that there is NO need to touch the needles for attaching or removing them from the injection pen, or even the need to re-cap the needle after use.  Importantly, the used needle remains safely held in the module until it is convenient to safely dispose of it in a sharps bin, again without having to touch the needle.  This system potentially eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and finger prick accidents.

Also, as the insulin pen needles are quite small, they can be fiddly to handle, even for the most dexterous.  For those sufferers with diabetic neuropathy, which affects both sensory and motor nerves, the loss of co-ordination, muscle weakness, muscle twitching and cramps can make handling needles and injections pens difficult or even impossible.

Don't worry any more!  The easily held module sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and with the needles already pre-loaded into NeedleBay, simply screw the insulin pen into the needle, and when used, slot the needle still attached to the pen into the empty holder and unscrew.  It's as simple as that.

CONVENIENCE - Small, Lightweight and Portable Storage System

The NeedleBay system is ideal for all situations whether at home, out for the day or away on holiday/travelling.  With the daily modules which can be prepared in advance, you can be sure to have what you need wherever you go.  The compact size means the module can slip easily into a pocket, handbag, backpack or case and be ready for use whenever you need it.  No more searching at the bottom of a bag for loose needles or struggling to connect them to the insulin pen, particularly if travelling.  You can save time with the NeedleBay system - meaning you can get back to doing what you want to do!

NeedleBay is a high quality product manufactured to last, meaning the cost of the pod and the benefits it brings to help you manage your diabetes medication equates to only a few pence a day for complete peace of mind.

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