Exciting new storage solution for diabetic needles!

We are delighted to have teamed up with the manufacturers of NeedleBay as exclusive UK distributor for their innovative storage/organisation system for new and used insulin needles.  The NeedleBay pod stores up to 4 insulin needles and makes insulin dosages, needle handling and storage both safer and easier for users of any age.  Once the pod is loaded, users never have to handle a needle and the transparent lids show clear proof of how many insulin doses have been used, providing an invaluable aid to blood glucose management.

There is no other product like NeedleBay which combines all these features into a single, compact device, small enough to fit easily into a pocket or bag but sturdy enough to keep your needles safely stored and ready for use - wherever you are.

NeedleBay will be available on our website very shortly so please keep checking for further information or get in touch via our Contact Us page to register your interest and we will be very happy to send you product details and availability.

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