NuroKor BioElectronics partners with health and wellbeing specialist Twenty20 Healthcare

Twenty20 Heathcare is excited to partner with NuroKor.  We have already shared some of the success stories on social media and our Testimonials page on the website from those who have benefited from using the devices, watch out for many more to come!


NuroKor BioElectronics has signed a partnership with health and wellbeing product specialist Twenty20 Healthcare, offering around 20 million UK patients with diabetes and chronic pain access to cutting-edge, bioelectric treatment.

Twenty20 is the latest stockist and distributor of the NuroKor mibody and mitouch wearable devices for its growing network of UK community pharmacies running patient clinics.

The technology uses bioelectric nerve stimulation to deliver personalised pain relief, recovery support and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions.  A recent clinical survey or more than 100 users showed that 91 percent of people had been able to stop or reduce pain medication when using NuroKor.

Headed by five medical device experts, Twenty20 specialises in supplying the latest, high-quality health and wellbeing products to community pharmacies and other healthcare providers.  Martin Lempriere, the company's business development manager said: "With the changes in NHS Supply Chain, pandemic restrictions and the drive to increase and promote healthcare services in the community, via local pharmacies, it is clear that there is a growing need for efficacious solutions that, with the help of pharmacist and other community healthcare professionals, support people to self-manage their health and care at home.

We're delighted to be partnering with NuroKor to include the evidence-based, state-of-the-art bioelectrical devices within our product portfolio of solutions that help to improve the lives of people right across the UK living with different health conditions."

NuroKor technology is already used in over 30 pain clinics run by independent community pharmacies throughout the UK, in a bid to reduce dependence on addictive painkillers.  The clinics, which include pharmacies, podiatry, physiotherapy and sports therapy clinics across Wales, Ireland and Scotland, offer a self-referral scheme for patients who better want to manage their pain and conditions.

The partnership with Twenty20 Healthcare will mean that more patients will have the option to try the treatment from their local pharmacy, under the guidance of their pharmacist.

NuroKor founder and CEO, Rick Rowan, said: "We know how both pain and diabetes can significantly impact a person's life, so I am delighted that our technology will be offered to an increasing number of patient seeking a safe, new way to help manage these types of condition.

We've seen an increasing number of pharmacies choosing to provide clinically-validated pain clinics for their patients, because many people are struggling with the negative side-effects of using opiates.  Demand for the clinics has risen dramatically since the first lockdown and we've seen patients with a variety of conditions able to reduce their painkiller intake by 50-85 percent and some now aren't taking painkillers at all.

With many GP practices switching to mainly online services, pharmacies have stepped up to provide more frontline services.  There's also an increased demand from people to treat themselves at home.  Being proactive about meeting the needs of their communities, not only helps patients and relieves pressure on the NHS, but it also supports the future of pharmacies."



Click on the link for further information about NuroKor pain devices.


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