Sale of AED to National Trust, Fyne Court

We would like to thank the National Trust at Fyne Court for giving us a mention in their recent social media post following their purchase of an AED from Twenty20 Healthcare.  It was a pleasure to be of assistance.  Their post on social media read:

"We'd like to say a huge thank you to the Ward/Cooper family for making it possible for us to buy a defibrillator for Fyne Court.

Back in October 2017, Denis Ward suffered a heart attack whilst walking on the Quantock Hills near Fyne.  This experience inspired his son-in-law to undertake a 15,000ft parachute jump to raise money for the defibrillator to be installed in this part of the Quantocks.

This is an invaluable addition to the Courtyard at Fyne Court and we are so grateful to Stephen for making this possible through his fundraising.

Thank you to Twenty20 Healthcare for helping us to get it installed."


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