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Collaclot™ Collagen Haemostatic Sponge - Large

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The latest innovation in haemostatic agents, which enhances the efficiency of procedures or emergency situations that require a fast and effective control of blood flow.

Collaclot™ is a haemostatic sponge-type dressing for animals with emergency traumas or for general wound management. Made from 100% avian collagen, Collaclot™ not only stops the bleed but acts as a catalyst to speed up the healing process of a wound by activating the natural blood-clotting cascade.  

Collaclot™ works with an animal's blood to help activate the clotting process, rather than absorbing the blood. If used on animal patients suffering severe bleeds following trauma, Collaclot™ can stop the bleeding quicker than traditional methods and actually speeds up the healing process.  Some competitor products absorb the blood and form a plug, which doesn't conform well to the shape of the injury, while others only absorb the blood.  Collaclot™, however, creates a resilient, flexible block that seals blood vessels and resists further bleeding on movements, proving its superiority for general first aid, trauma wounds and emergency bleeding.

This innovative, life-saving product works on all injuries including chronic wounds, lacerations, surgical procedures and even on amputations to stop bleeding.

This 10cm x 7.5cm size can be used on larger animals, including equine.

Features & Benefits

  • Very simple to use
  • Dressing can easily be manipulated into the wound or torn into pieces for multiple site injury
  • Simple to remove from a wound without any re-bleed and does not adhere to flesh
  • Activates within minutes, faster than other products
  • Fragments are safe to be left in a wound as it will be naturally absorbed
  • Lightweight and small enough to be included in a first aid kit
  • Can be applied to skin or packed into a wound
  • Sterile packed with a 5-year shelf life from manufacture

Case Study - horse with head wound

Case Study - dog with 'happy tail' injury

Collaclot™ Product Brochure


Instructions for Use