Grip-Lok Foley Catheter Securement Device - pack of 10

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Grip-Lok 3400LFC-10PK provides superior fixation for all Foley catheters, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your catheter is safe and secure.

Foley catheters are thin, sterile tubes inserted into the bladder to drain urine and because they can be left in the bladder for a period of time, you really want to make sure they are secure and can't be pulled accidentally!  This is where the Grip-Lok comes into its own - with it's great adhesive power and clever design, you can be confident your catheter is secure.  

If you can stick on a plaster, you can use Grip-Lok!  The fabric device is low profile with no hard plastic or sharp pins, and can easily be placed, even with gloved hands.

Sold in packs of 10, the devices are hypoallergenic, breathable and have latex-free skin contact adhesive.


  • Soft, flexible design of the Grip-Lok ensures comfort for the user
  • Provides superior securement, avoiding accidental line pulls
  • Easy to apply, and simple to open, inspect and adjust
  • Sterile packed in cartons of 10
  • Available on FP10 prescription

How to Apply

Ensure the skin is clean and dry (and some hair removal may be necessary to aid adhesion).

Open the Velcro 'lid' and holding both sides, tear down the perforations to split the lid in two sections.

Place the bifurcation crotch of the Foley catheter in the centre of the Grip-Lok and fold half of the Velcro 'lid' down over the catheter and secure onto the other Velcro side.  Then, the second half of the lid can be placed in between the bifurcation crotch and secured down onto the Velcro.  This then locks the catheter in place.

Remove the backing paper from one side of the Grip-Lok and stick in the desired position.  Remove the backing paper from the second side to fully secure the device onto the skin.

To open for inspection/adjustment:  Lift the velcro lid, make any necessary adjustments and fold the lid back down.

To remove: Lift the Velcro lids, gently hold the catheter and carefully peel off the Grip-Lok as if you were removing a plaster.